Professor Susan Park



Susan Park is an Associate Professor in International Relations at the University of Sydney. She teaches classes on International Organisations and Global Environmental Politics. She has previously taught at the University of New South Wales and Deakin University. Her research focuses on how actors make the Multilateral Development Banks green and accountable. Susan has published in a wide range of journals including Pacific Review, Third World Quarterly, International Politics, Global Governance and Global Environmental Politics. She is the author of The World Bank Group and Environmentalists (Manchester University Press, 2010)andco-edited two volumes: Owning Development: Creating Global Policy Norms in the IMF and the World Bank with Antje Vetterlein(Cambridge University Press 2010)and Global Economic Governance and the Development Practices of the Multilateral Development Banks with Jonathan Strand (Routledge 2016). Susan is currently working on a manuscript comparing the creation, reformulation and efficacy of the accountability mechanisms of the Multilateral Development Banks. In addition, Susan is collaborating with Teresa Kramarz (University of Toronto) on a long term research project titled Accountability in Global Environmental Governance. The research project has three objectives. It creates a coherent theoretical framework to investigate accountability in Global Environmental Governance (GEG); it documents whether accountability procedures in GEG work; and examines whether accountability procedures are linked to improving environmental outcomes. The aim of the research project is to yield a game-changing approach to understanding, investigating and evaluating accountability in GEG.