The nature and future of Regulatory Stewardship

On 1 May 2019, the Chair in Regulatory Practice hosted a workshop on regulatory stewardship with The Treasury.

The notion of stewardship is common to legal scholars (e.g. constitutional stewardship), environmental scholars (e.g. environmental stewardship) and management scholars (e.g. stewardship theory). The concept has, however, not had much attention in regulatory scholarship. That said, New Zealand is a world leader in that it has made ‘regulatory stewardship’ a statutory obligation for all government departments. What regulatory stewardship could look like, and how to achieve it is not crystal clear yet.

In this workshop, Professor Jeroen van der Heijden (Professor of Public Governance and Chair in Regulatory Practice) positioned the idea of regulatory stewardship in the history of regulatory governance; drew lessons from the EU Better Regulation Initiative in Europe for the further development of regulatory stewardship in NZ; and argued that, to achieve its full potential, an ethical philosophy for organisations and individuals working in regulation should be added to the current systems thinking of regulatory stewardship in NZ.