Disability support

If you are a student with a physical, mental, learning, or sensory disability, there is support available to you.

Available services

You can access services that include:

  • adaptive technology
  • alternative test and  exam facilities
  • note-taking
  • mobility parking
  • education access plans
  • access suites located on the ground floor of Rutherford House.

Find out more about Victoria University of Wellington’s Disability Services.

Disability support staff

Wellington School of Business and Government has dedicated disability support staff who help create an inclusive environment for students and provide a link to available services.

Associate Professor
School of Accounting and Commercial Law

School Administrator · Administrator
School of Marketing and International Business

School Manager
School of Management

School Manager
School of Government

Senior Administrator
School of Information Management

Administrator · PhD, ECON, ACTS & QUAN two to four hundred level courses
School of Economics and Finance