Wellington School of Business and Government celebrates our top performing students

Wellington School of Business and Government’s (WSBG) top graduating students were celebrated at WSBG’s annual Excellence Awards held at Rutherford House on Monday 17 May.

Award winners at the 2020 Excellence Awards.

The Wellington School of Business and Government Excellence Awards recognise the highest achieving students who have excelled academically across each of our business disciplines – Accounting, Actuarial Science, Commercial Law, Taxation, Economics, Finance, Management, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, Tourism Management, Marketing, International Business, Information Systems, Public Policy and Public Management.

The awards also celebrate students in the specialist disciplines across our Professional Master’s programmes.

At the awards ceremony on Monday evening, Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce Professor Jane Bryson said it was great to acknowledge the successes of WSBG’s outstanding students amongst their friends, family, fellow students, University supporters and staff.

“While we do our best to give you everything you need to achieve your goals, it would all be for nothing without the hard work and commitment you have dedicated to your education and for which you are being recognised tonight. We are all proud of what you have achieved and look forward to seeing what you go on to do in the future. Wherever you end up going and whatever you end up doing, please stay in touch,” said Professor Bryson.

Guest speaker Lucas Gammie, acting Head of Pricing at Contact Energy, spoke about his career journey since he graduated from WSBG with a Master of Commerce in 2015.

While I didn't expect to do post-graduate studies, I know I'm so much better off for doing it. It challenged me in so many different ways and equipped me with the tools I needed to succeed in the workforce.”

The full list of award recipients is available below.

Top Master’s students

Rachel Bell—Master of Information Studies

Yuk Lung Choi—Master of Professional Business Analysis

Isabella Crawford—Master of Public Policy

Katherine Farmer—Master of Information Management

Alina Haider—Master of Business Administration

Leah Haines—Master of Public Policy

Shamanthi Jayawardena—Master of Global Marketing

Tyrell Johnston—Master of Applied Finance

Daniel Robertson—Executive Master of Business Administration

Kelly Stone—Master of e-Government

Lauren Wilcock Breen—Master of Professional Economics

Clayton Willocks—Master of Public Management

Yang Xuang—Master of Professional Accounting


Charlotte Best

Ke Xian Kuan

Nancy Liu

Puteh Nur Sarah Mohamed

Helen Pang

Anna Tingey


Anna Tingey

Commercial Law

Kalid Bibby

Helen Pang

Anna Tingey

Actuarial Science

Shiqi He


Kalid Bibby

Brodie Hobbs

Rebecca Newman

Richard Russell

Amy Spittal

Madeline Thompson


Charlotte Best

Madeline Thompson


Gabrielle Buchanan

Francis Forde

Annabel McKenzie

Briana Nguyen

Georgia  O'Sullivan

Emily Rais

Jocelyn Rooke

Megan Wright

Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

Jackson Barber Simpson

Jocelyn Rooke

Tourism Management

Laura-Madeleine Kuepper


Gabrielle Buchanan

Liam Burn

Veronica Ellis

Francis Forde

Lucy Guild

Lola May

Rochelle Tait

Shannon Toe

International Business

Brenna McSweeney Harte

Chiara Stamm

Information Systems

Daniel Lees

Nancy Liu

Emily Rais

Joannah Sue

Shannon Toe

Jack Woodbury

Megan Wright

Public Policy

Howe Deng