Degree flexibility the key to business, location makes it the place to be

Joshua Paterson is studying both a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) as well as a Bachelor of Arts (BA). He loves the flexibility the BCom offers, the location of the Wellington School of Business and Government (across the road from Parliament), and the inspiring range of guest lecturers, academics, and researchers he has already interacted with in this, his first year.

Picture of Student Rep Joshua Paterson

At Henderson High School in Auckland, Joshua had been part of The Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) and says his interest in business started even before that—in primary school. As both a primary and secondary school student, he held leadership positions including being a Board of Trustees student representative, a member of the Student Council, and Deputy Head Prefect, as well as various community and school volunteer roles.

He was also a recipient of the Raukaraka scholarship last year.

The scholarship significantly impacted his decision to study in Wellington, meaning he had additional funds available to cover his living and university expenses. It also emphasised to Joshua, that from a leadership point of view, he would be able to transfer those school-honed skills immediately. And he has done this by being a student representative and earning an internationally recognised leadership certificate through the Wellington Plus Programme.

Joshua’s interest in business extends beyond the practical side of running a business, to include the theory of how businesses operate.

He knows that the skills he will learn through a BCom can be easily applied and transferred to most jobs, and says, "As someone studying a conjoint degree (BA/BCom), I love the flexibility. I'm enrolled in the core courses, and I have time to decide where I go from here, and whether I change my focus throughout my degree". 

He was attracted to Wellington for the University’s location, specifically the Pipitea campus being right across the road from Parliament. Taking commerce and politics courses together has provided him with the opportunity to not only understand how businesses work, but to see how Parliament impacts everyone daily. Joshua also considers himself lucky to have already heard from inspiring guest lecturers, academics, and researchers so clearly passionate about both commerce and politics.

Joshua is in his first year, and is enjoying the learning experience so far, saying the lectures have been interactive, with each lecturer approaching classes with their own unique spin, always sending him away from class with new skills to engage critically. He also praises the way technology has enabled course coordinators to be more adaptable, noting the recording of lectures and hybrid learning methods, combining in-class with online.

Joshua is majoring in Management and Human Resources and Employment Relations with related BA majors in Political Science and Public Policy.

"Being in Wellington was an easy, and obvious choice for me—all of the campuses are easy to move between, and with Parliament across the road from the School of Business and Government, and right in the heart of Wellington's business district it feels like I'm exactly where I need to be".

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