New Zealand History Group

The New Zealand History Group is a inter-institutional collective of academics, post-graduate students and independent scholars researching New Zealand architectural and design history.


Current projects

Wellington architects research project

Past research in this project includes research on Bill Alington, Edmund Anscombe, Ernst Plischke, Basil Spence and John Swan. Current research focuses on Wellington modernist architects. Key researchers include: Michael Dudding, Kate Linzey, Christine McCarthy and Robin Skinner.

Modernist domestic heritage

This research examines the reasons, values and motivations for home owners when altering modernist homes. Key researchers are: Michael Dudding, Matt French, Kate Linzey, and Christine McCarthy.

Wellington brutalism

Wellington's brutalist architecture includes the Hannah Playhouse, Investment House, the Wellington Teacher's College, Karori and the Hutt Civic Centre. This research examines key buildings and local issues pertaining Brutalism. Key researchers include: Kate Linzey and Christine McCarthy.


"Elegance and excesses: War, Gold and Borrowings": New Zealand Architecture in the 1860s (5th of December 2010)

"... ponderously pedantic pediments prevail ... good, clean fun in a bad, dirty world": New Zealand Architecture in the 1980s (4th of December 2009)

"From over-sweet cake to wholemeal bread" : New Zealand Architecture in the 1940s (5th of December 2008)

"strident effects of instant sophistication": New Zealand Architecture in the 1890s (7th December 2007)

"Pleasing homogeneity," "Dull times," and "animated cocktails": New Zealand Architecture in the 1930s (8th December 2006)

" ... about as austere as a Dior gown ...": New Zealand Architecture the 1960s: a one day symposium (9th December 2005)

" ... we have no style ... ": New Zealand Architecture 1900-1918: a one day architectural history symposium (3rd December 2004)