Simon Twose—academic supervision

A full list of Simon Twose's selected academic supervision work.

Masters supervisions—sole supervisions

Mountford, Stacey., Transient Crossings – Embodiment in the Everyday, 2017 (in progress).

Sorger, Finn., Constructing the Sublime in post-spectacle Stadia, 2017 (in progress).

Villareal, Karla., Playces: A Place for Play, 2017 (in progress).

Ewart, Jessie., Intertwining Scales: Placemaking through scalar perception, 2017 (in progress).

Guildford, Tasenka., Miyake experiments: an investigation into the architectural agency of air., 2017 (in progress).

Caballes, Claire., Embodiment in Architecture, 2016.

Du Chatenier, Rosa., Speculative Aesthetics: Between Us and the Other, 2016.

Gorton, William., The End: An Architectural Identity for End of World Places, 2016.

Harvey, Scott., Datascapes, Architecture and the Body, 2016.

O’Connel, Nicholas., Drawing out Indeterminant Architecture: Engaging with the Paradox of Nat Chard and Perry Kulper’s Temporal Registrations, 2016.

Tyrell, Sarah., Amplifying Atmosphere, 2016.

Crosby Amanda., Y 500: Constructing Architectural Permanence through Material Agency, 2015.

D'Ath, Henry., The Darwn Machine, The Exploration of an Evolutionary Architecture, 2015.

Deynzer, Cameron., Whimsical City, 2015.

Vun Josephine., Embodying Weather: A Speculation for Weather Architecture, 2015.

Kerr, Kate., Hybrid Relations : Hybrid Architecture, Function & Urban Vibrancy, 2014.

Joint supervisions—with Jan Smitheram

Burn, Declan., PICTON_/02, 2015.

Dobinson Tom., Wharf Dwellers, 2015.

Douglas, Grant., Atmosphere of Place, 2015.

Hrstich Danielle., An Atmospheric Surface, 2015.

Kersten, Jayne., The Miniature Sublime, 2015.

Kumarawansa, Dinushi., Body – Movement – Architecture, 2015.

Marshall, Mary., Architecture of Perspective, 2015.

Benck, Ashley., Bio-body Reactor, 2014.

Collinson, Olivia., Collectively: Investigating the Presentation, Protection & Conservation of Domestic Collections in the Housemuseum Typology through the Method of ‘collecting’, 2014.

Coxon, Toby., Affecting Depth, 2014.

Grindell, Hayden., A Date with Data, 2014.

Houston-Stevens, Thane., Reconstructed affects : Designing for the Affective Body, 2014.

Keats, Jasper., Activating Intangible Heritage, 2014.

Warrander, Jae., Performance of Scale, 2014.

Wojasz, Dawid., Ricky Stadium, 2014.

Joint supervisions—with Natsasha Perkins

Dawes, Pollyanna., Architecture of the Sonorous, 2014.

Diack, Hannah., Hannah’s Hut, 2014.

King, Matthew., The Problem With The Practical, 2014.

Phillipps, Bronwyn, An Affective Awareness, 2014.

Velvin, Henry., Groundcover: Investigating an Ecological Field-Architecture, 2014.

PhD co-supervisions

Globa, Anastasia., Supporting the use of Algorithmic Design in Architecture, 2015 (primary supervisor Michael Donn).

Kidd, Akari., Architecture, Affect and Architectural Practice, 2015 (primary supervisor Jan Smitheram).