Marc Aurel Schnabel

Dean of Architecture and Design
Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation

Qualifications & Affiliations

PhD (HK); Dipl Ing (UdK); MEd (Syd)
President ASA – P.Chair AIAB – P. President CAADRIA


Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel is the Dean of the Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation, Professor in Architectural Technology at the Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and Visiting Professor at School of Architecture, Sheffield University. Trained as an Architect, he is leading research and education in the field of design and architectural technology.

As President of the Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA) and Past Presidents of CAADRIA, the international Association for Computer Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, the Industry Advisory Board of Autodesk and founding member of buildingSMART HK, he is affiliated with various professional bodies and scientific committees. He has taught and worked in Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong for over twenty-five years and has become highly recognised for his work in the areas of computational design and learning environments. He is Principal Investigator of the National Science Challenge, Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities, researching in the fields of augmented- and virtual reality, digital heritage, parametric design learning and intelligent cities.

In 2019 Professor Schnabel received three significant architectural honours. He was made a CAADRIA Fellow. He accepted an invitation to join the international PEEK Board as the expert for architecture and design. PEEK is the funding programme for arts-based research supported by the Austrian Science Fund. And also, is partner of the European Union’s REACH to redesign access to cultural heritage for a wider participation in preservation, reuse and management of European culture.

He publishes extensively internationally about novel perspectives in digital architecture and urban design. He curated two digital architectural exhibitions, Disparallel Spaces at Tin Sheds- and 8448cubed at Gaffa-Galleries, and chaired several international conferences, among them the 15th and 24th International CAADRIA Conference ‘New Frontiers’, and Intelligent & Informed the 47th and 51stConference of the Architectural Science Association ‘Cutting Edge’ and ‘Back to the Future, as well as the SmartGeometry Conference Hong Kong. He has established the Digital Architecture Research Alliance, DARA , as well as the online social network Urban Digitalics connecting professionals and researchers in innovative digital spatial design.

EA Contact: Jeannie van Heerden

Research Interests

  • Virtual & Augmented Environments: Virtual Design Studio, Digital Heritage, Collaborative digital design, Social network learning
  • Parametric & algorithmic modelling & simulation: BIM & CIM, Urban form & thermal comfort, Traffic & urban design (UC-Win Road), Real-time simulation (FUZOR), Intelligent cities
  • Digital Manga: Digital architectural narratives and visualisation


Full list of publications


Current Research Projects

NSC11: Shaping Places, Future Neighbourhoods

DLHVM: Smart Cities & Big Data

Digital Heritage

Collaborative Mass Housing (ModRule)

Virtual Environment Design Studio

PhD Supervision

Generating urban codes, an algorithmic urban design platform for neighbourhoods in New Zealand
VUW, since 2015

HE, Yi Harry
Design Principles for Outdoor Wind Environment in Urban Areas
VUW, since 2015

ZHANG, Yingyi
Relationship between Urban Space Network and Social Inclusion through Space Syntax Method Analysis
VUW, since 2015

PETTY, Margaret
Cultures of light : Electric light in the United States, 1890s-1950s
VUW, 2015-2016

NGUYEN, Ngoc Minh
Towards The Making of User Friendly Public Space in China
VUW, 2015-2016

Outdoor Thermal Comfort: Developing an Index to Predict Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Hot and Cold Climates
VUW, since 2016

LO, Tian Tian Sky
A Study of the Potential in Using Gamification to Develop a Digital Platform for Multi-User-Oriented Housing Design
CUHK & VUW, since 2013

AYDIR, Serdar
Decoding Kashgar within Digital Heritage
CUHK & VUW, since 2013

DAI Qun, Carol
Urban Heat based on Environment & Urban Form
CUHK, 2011-2014

PAULINI, Mercèdes
Context-aware Captology in Pervasive Computing
USYD, 2008-2010

MILOU, Anthony
On Demand Knowledge Access for students and recent Graduates USYD, 2008-2009

NG, Kal
Digital Animation
HKU 2004-2006

Augmented Reality in Architectural Urban Design
HKU, 2004-2006

KUAN, Steven
Three dimensional Designs within Voxel Based Virtual Environments HKU, 2003-2005

LI, Weidong
Digitally Assisted Participation in Design Studio Critique
HKU, 2003-2005

MArch Supervision

ROGERS, Jessie
Digital Design Ecology
VUW, 2018-2019

WANG, Brandon
Design Systems informed by Human Behaviour
VUW, 2018-2019

Beyond the Portal: Exploring Cities through Mixed Realities
VUW, 2018-2019

Mindful Manifestation: Neuroimaging Architecture from EEG to Virtual Reality
VUW, 2018-2019

INNES, Daniel
Perception of Scale in Virtual Reality
VUW, 2017-2018

Architectural Big Data for Datamed Architecture
VUW, 2016-2017

Parametric Wind: A high-rise for Wellington
VUW, M. Arch, 2016-2017

HASLOP, Blaire
Glitch Architecture
VUW, 2016-2017

KRUEGER, Christen
The other side of the mirror
VUW, 2016

Philip Penn
Responsive Environments
VUW, M. Arch, 2015

Yunjing Zhang
Response Dynamics: An investigation of dynamic context as generator of parametric design
VUW, M. Arch, 2015-2016

Viliame Rawalai
Designing a Social Communication Tool for Project Management
VUW, M. Arch, 2015-2016

Mint Penpisuth Wallace Metabopolis: Biomorphic Transportation Framework for Cities of the Future
VUW, M. Arch, 2015-2016

Joshua Dubbeld
Half a Good House; Incremental Housing for Wellington's First Home Buyers
VUW, M. Arch, 2015-2016

TSANG Wai Ching Billy
Civic Engagement
CUHK, M.Arch, 2014-105

Po Yi Wong Connie
Sensation of Nature
CUHK, M.Arch, 2014-105

CHEUNG Chung Kan
Urban Waste
CUHK, M.Arch, 2013-2014

LEE Ping Yin Kampfer
Kinetic Architecture
CUHK, M.Arch, 2013-2014

Interactive Retail Spaces
CUHK, M.Arch, 2013-2014

YU Ming Tai
Volumetric Urban Underground
CUHK, M.Arch, 2013-2014

CHEUNG, Catherine Yuen Li
Shrinking City
CUHK, M.Arch, 2012-2013

HO, Hang Chun
Vertical Fairground
CUHK, MArch, 2012-2013

LU, Qing
Ideal Community
CUHK, M.Arch, 2012-2013

OR, Man Piu
Vertical Urbanism
CUHK, M.Arch, 2012-2013

TO, Yin Jimmy
Public Space for/to/by the Public
CUHK, M.Arch, 2012-2013

Cheung Pui Kin Ivan
Performative Environments
CUHK, M.Arch, 2011-2012

Au, Bobby
Digital Techonics in Urban Context
CUHK, M.Arch, 2010-2011

Gan, Yile:
Urban Connector as Community Generator
CUHK, M.Arch, 2010-2011

Ngan Yuk Kei
Adaptable Micro Urbanism: Alchemy of Sham Shui Po
CUHK, M.Arch, 2009-2010

Yick Ho Alvin Kung
Urban Gene Therapy: Parametric Regeneration
CUHK, M.Arch, 2009-2010
High Distinction & Year Award

Yip, Wai Yee Janie
[M]ovement, [T]ime, [R]adiance
HKU, M.Arch, 2002-2003
High Distinction

Lo, Kin-choi Heiren
Towards Intelligence: Idea of reflexivity in Topological architecture
HKU, M.Arch, 2002-2003

Yeung, Sze Hang Jess
Adaptive Social Underground Linkage
HKU, M.Arch, 2002-2003