Jamey Stutz

Adjunct Research Fellow
Antarctic Research Centre


BScThe Ohio State University (2008), MSc The Ohio State University (2011), PhD VUW (2020)

Roles and responsibilities

  • Research Fellow, Antarctic Research Centre

Research projects

I conduct Antarctic field work to understand glacial fluctuations over geologic time. I focus on collecting glacial deposits suitable for surface exposure dating using cosmogenic isotopes. In the chemistry lab, I isolate cosmogenic isotopes which allows a precise exposure age to be determined. Using sets of exposure ages from mountains adjacent to a glacier enables a time-transgressive glacial reconstruction over geologic time. I then use numerical modelling in conjunction with exposure ages to provide insights to the underlying mechanism for the interpreted glacial behaviour.

I have participated in diverse field campaigns across Antarctica working for both American and New Zealand geologic and geophysical focused research teams. Supported by the Antarctic Science Platform and the Antarctic Research Centre, my team recently completed a geologic sampling campaign along the Byrd, Mulock and Skelton glaciers. Some highlights can be found in my field blog: icetime.rocks

I am also very passionate about sharing my Antarctic experiences with school groups. What started out as a simple school visit with rocks and extreme cold weather gear has culminated in an Antarctic focused education- outreach programme. This has been formalised with a collaboration between two primary school teachers and the Polar Rock Repository - Byrd Polar Research Center at The Ohio State University . We seek to introduce the type of scientific work conducted in Antarctica and generate questions. Instead of directly answering the questions, we encourage students to team up and attempt to answer their most burning questions related to Antarctic science. The final phase of this program ends with a student led ‘mini conference’ which I join in person or by video conference. The experience is extremely exciting and yields impressive results.


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