Bella Duncan

Post Doctoral Fellow
Antarctic Research Centre


BSc VUW (2010), MSc VUW (2012), PhD VUW (2017)

Research projects

My research focuses on applying molecular fossils known as biomarkers to reconstruct the climate and environment in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean during periods of global warmth and elevated atmospheric CO2 in the geological past. I am particularly interested in the Oligocene and Miocene epochs (34-5 million years ago), during which Antarctica was still vegetated, and significant ice volume and sea level variability occurred under global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels projected to occur in the coming centuries.

I use the fossilised molecular remnants of plants, algae, archaea and bacteria to reconstruct aspects of the climate and environment such as air and sea surface temperatures, and the hydrological and carbon cycles. Another focus of mine is investigating how biomarkers vary across different depositional settings onshore and offshore Antarctica.


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