Girls* on Ice Aotearoa New Zealand

Hiking photo Almost there

Girls* on Ice offers secondary school-aged girls the opportunity to join scientists, outdoor specialists and artists on mountain expeditions within New Zealand. Part of the international organization Inspiring Girls Expeditions, the first Girls* on Ice Aotearoa New Zealand event will be a 10-day expedition in January 2024 including 7 days on Mt Ruapehu.

The programme is hosted by Te Puna Pātiotio—Antarctic Research Centre. Generous donors, NIWA, and the International Association of Cyrospheric Sciences have joined Te Puna Pātiotio— Antarctic Research Centre in supporting this fantastic new initiative, allowing students to join the expedition at no cost (other than travel to and from Wellington, the start and end point of the expedition).

Have a look at this cool video of some of our Team exploring the Girls* on Ice Aotearoa Expedition locations.

Find out more about Girls* On Ice Aotearoa New Zealand here.