New role with Antarctic Science Platform

Tim Naish is to take on a programme leader role for the Antarctic Science Platform that he helped establish.

Professor Tim Naish will continue with his work at the University but will effectively be seconded for about a third of his time to the platform. He is leading one of its two major research strands, looking after a number of projects that focus on the Antarctic ice, ocean and atmospheric systems in a warming world.

“The work is trying to understand what Antarctica will look like in a world that is warmer, under the Paris accord but also if we fail to meet the goals of the accord. It has huge implications for New Zealand and for the world.”

The Antarctic Science Platform is hosted by Antarctica New Zealand and exclusively supports research into Antarctica’s impact on New Zealand and the rest of planet Earth, and how climate change will affect this impact.

Platform director and University Associate Professor Nancy Bertler says Tim will be a valuable addition to the team.

“Tim played an important role throughout the development of the Platform. He has an outstanding international track record as a science leader and is a trusted advisor for policymakers in New Zealand and overseas.”

Tim says he is thrilled to be involved.