Supporting residents

We prioritise the welfare of our resident student community, supporting residents with wellbeing and support services.

We enable our students to thrive in our community, providing a residential environment that supports wellbeing, social connection, and academic success.

With a strong team of hall staff, a whānau hall culture, and excellent support services in place, our residents in first year halls of residence have the opportunity to transition to independent living with a safety net, and full access to everything the University has to offer from health and wellbeing services, and recreational facilities, to academic and financial support.

We see student wellbeing as a strong partnership between the student, our halls of residence, University support services, and parents and whānau. Each party has an important role to play in ensuring students’ welfare and academic success.

Our resident student community can expect a high standard of care while they live in our accommodation at every stage of their academic career.

We are committed to continual improvement and work to incorporate evolving best practices in the student accommodation sector that aligns with New Zealand’s national Code of Practice pastoral care standards for both domestic and international students.

Support staff roles

What you can expect


As a member of our resident student community, you can expect to be:

  • Treated with respect at all times, and be safe and supported throughout your years of study.
  • A valued member of your hall whānau, to live in an inclusive community, and to feel that you belong.
  • Able to access key wellbeing services for your mental and physical health.
  • Given frequent opportunities to meet and connect with others at hall and inter-hall events, and to make amazing (often life-long) new friends from all around New Zealand and the world.
  • Sent key health and wellbeing messages from the University, as well as information about important student support services to help you navigate study and university life.
  • Provided with support to gradually transition to independent living.

Parents and whānau

As a parent and family member of a student in our University accommodation you can expect your young adult to be:

  • Well-supported through the many challenges of the first year of study and beyond, with the wellbeing, safety and academic success of our residents being paramount.
  • Sent key health and wellbeing information, and updates about student support services and encouraged to approach Student Support Coordinators (SSCs) when they need support.
  • Living in an environment that helps develop important life skills.
  • Given numerous options to attend in-hall and inter-hall events that facilitate social connection and a sense of belonging.
  • Able to approach any member of staff with any questions or concerns.
  • Provided with meals (in catered halls) that fuel and support academic study and university life.

Additionally, you will receive regular communication about hall events, key times of year and support services, as well as important University notices in our parents and whānau newsletter.

As parents and whānau, you have a vital role to play in your young adult’s first year of university, right through until graduation. Student wellbeing and successful outcomes are a collaboration between our halls, students, families and our University support services.

Living in our community

We work actively to provide a safe and inclusive living environment for our student resident community that supports health and wellbeing, academic success, and social connection.

As residents, you bring your own vibe to our halls of residence, and each hall has its own unique culture. Our accommodation whānau however are united in living Victoria University of Wellington’s core ethical values respect, responsibility, fairness, integrity and empathy.

  • We expect our residents to live as part of a community, which includes following the halls Student Handbook outlining the University’s expectations of residents.
  • A key part of hall life, particularly in first year, is learning to be proactive about your health, mental health, and wellbeing. We are here to help you, but it is important that you reach out for support if you are experiencing difficulty or would just like to talk.
  • We put on a large number of events throughout the year – they are designed for you to have fun, connect with others in our accommodation whānau, make new friends, and to build your community. We encourage you to attend as many as possible, and to join in your floor, hall and inter-hall activities.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about hall life – from the dining hall to your floor and everything in between – do not hesitate to speak to a hall staff member and they can work with you to resolve the issue.

How we can help

Our staff are here to help and will work with individuals to tailor a personal wellbeing plan to their needs.

With robust support services in place for residents, we encourage them to approach our staff on a confidential basis with any questions or concerns at all.

Alternatively, residents can share any particular health or wellbeing needs when completing our 'Getting to know you’ questionnaire.


If you have any questions or concerns about coming into a hall environment, you are welcome to contact our support team or Heads of Hall directly.