About us

Explore your accommodation options at Victoria University of Wellington. We can help you find the right home in a hall of residence, homestay or flat.

This is where the Accommodation Service can help you make the right choice. We process applications for the halls of residence, arrange homestays for international students and offer advice about a range of other accommodation options. Depending on your individual needs, you can choose from the following accommodation options:

  • Halls of residence—a safe and supportive community of students from different backgrounds and with varying interests, with or without meals provided.
  • Private accommodation—you’ll be responsible for cooking your own meals, managing electricity, food, internet and telephone bills, and doing your own housework.
  • Homestay accommodation—with meals provided each day, but farther away from campus, so transport costs may be higher.

Whether you want to live in a hall, go flatting or be in a homestay, we can help you get there—so make use of us throughout your time at university.