HR Payroll manages and administers the payroll and leave functions for the University and provides training for the HR Kiosk.

Payroll deadlines

HR Payroll has deadlines that they must meet and therefore they need to receive timesheets and relevant remuneration forms and letters to allow them to be processed in time for the regular fortnightly University pay date.

Some areas around the University submit timesheets. If this applies within your area, you should check with your school, faculty, or central service unit administrator for these deadlines.

All forms, remuneration letters, and timesheets must be forwarded to and received by HR Payroll within the deadlines specified below. Any information received after these deadlines cannot be actioned until the following pay.

Fortnight ended is the Sunday before the fortnightly pay date.

Deadline to submit is on Thursdays by noon.

Monies in bank account is the date you will receive your pay for the fortnightly pay period into your nominated bank account.

HR Payroll is located on Level 4, Hunter Building. Internal mail should be addressed to: HR Payroll, Level 4, Hunter Building, Kelburn campus.

The relevant dates for March 2019–March 2020 are available in the document Payroll deadlinespdf364KB.


All payroll enquiries should be directed to the HR Payroll Helpdesk:

Phone: +64-4-463 7999

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is an initiative introduced by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Employees can elect to make a donation directly from their pay to the charity of their choice. HR Payroll can set this arrangement in place.

This allows employees to obtain an immediate charitable gift tax rebate. The University deducts the donation from the employee’s net pay, and reimburses the 33⅓ percent tax rebate immediately, adding this to the employee’s net pay. The University forwards the donation to the specified charity. The University participates in this scheme voluntarily and may not be able to forward donations to all charities.

The IRD website has a useful calculator, so you can work out what you can expect to receive as a tax credit based on your gross, PAYE, and the amount you’re donating.

Nominated charity

You can donate to a number of charities and the Victoria University Foundation under the University’s payroll giving scheme. Complete the Payroll giving deduction authority formWord364KB and submit this to HR Payroll for processing.

Staff giving programme

Staff Giving is a programme which allows staff to easily support philanthropic causes at the University. These causes are linked to funds managed by the Development Office. Staff giving offers an opportunity to create real impact in the areas you care about by financially supporting these important causes at the University. A small gift each fortnight out of your salary will make a difference.

Complete the staff giving pay deduction authority formpdf114KB and email it to the Development Office at