What now? The short-term economic responses to COVID-19

Our panel discuss the short-term economic outlook, the effect lockdown had on families, what sectors have been worse hit, and what can the government afford?

Spotlight Lecture Series

May 2020

As we emerge from the immediate crisis of COVID-19, attention and debate is now turning to the shape of the our post-lockdown economic recovery and how this evolving situation might impact New Zealand’s economic resilience.

Facilitated by Professor Alan Bollard, leading experts and academics will share their insights and perspectives on the economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, what short to medium-term relief efforts might be implemented to limit the economic damage, as well as discussions on longer-term recovery strategies.

The Victoria University of Wellington Spotlight Series Lectures—an opportunity to sample the research undertaken by the University's academics, in bite-sized lunchtime lectures.

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