Campus services policies

Campus services policies relate to the use of facilities at Victoria University of Wellington.

Alcohol on Campus Policy

Car Parking Procedure

These procedures establish a set of standards and processes for the management of car parking within the University precincts. Effective from: May 2023

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Children on Campus Policy

Dogs on Campus Policy

Environmental Policy

This policy defines the environmental obligations of the University and considers how implementation of the policy should occur. Effective from: August 2008

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Environmentally Sustainable Procurement Guidelines

These guidelines provide staff with assistance to make purchasing decisions that reflect the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Effective from: October 2008

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Events Management Procedures

These procedures are standards and protocols for management of events held on our campus and/or events supported and sponsored by the University. Effective from: February 2019

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Hotwork Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a safe environment in the University’s buildings where Hotwork may be performed.

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Insurance Deductible and Additional Cost Recharge Policy

This policy ensures that insurance deductibles are correctly accounted for and attributed to the School or Central Service Unit (CSU).

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Management of the Promotion of Alcohol on Campus Procedure

This procedure outlines the restrictions of advertising or promoting excessive consumption of alcohol by students on campus. Effective from: November 2008

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Procurement Policy

This policy ensures continued accountability and robust governance, critical to the procurement functions carried out within the University. Effective from: November 2008

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Responding to a Sudden Death Procedure

Provides clear guidance to staff on procedures to be followed in the event of a sudden death of a University staff member or student, either on or off campus.

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Safe Campus Policy

This policy outlines the University’s commitment to providing a safe, clean and hospitable environment for its community and for visitors. Effective from: March 2013

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Security Policy

This policy establishes the context within which security services are provided within the University precincts. Effective from: April 2023

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Smoke-Free Environment Policy