Pimpisa Petchsud

Pimpisa Petchsud is a candidate in the 2020 election of one student member to the University Council.

Candidate statement

Portrait of Pimpisa Petchsud

Course of study: Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

I believe that I am suitable for this position because of my abilities to deal and handle people – I am extremely caring and friendly. I would like the opportunity to help out fellow students and make them feel safe and at home at Victoria University since one of the main aims of the university is to establish a warming environment that makes the student feel comfortable and secured. I believe that I can truly make a change and put the wellbeing of the students in the best interest along with setting high importance for the staff team. I know that, if given the position, I will not let the university down and will be able to represent the name of Victoria University with pride. I believe that I am able to differentiate and distinguish between different factors that make up a pristine leader. I have what it takes. I know that I may not always be the smartest person in the room but I know that I have a good heart and righteous morals. My mother taught me to be kind and I think that is one of the most important life lessons, treat people with kindness. I believe that I will be a successful leader and that I will not disappoint if chosen for the title.