Find out when the Academic Board meets and download the agendas for upcoming meetings.

Meeting schedule

See below for dates of upcoming Academic Board meetings. Meetings are held in the Hunter Council Chamber, unless otherwise indicated. Unless you need to speak to or respond to an agenda item, it is acceptable to arrive late or leave early, if you have teaching or other commitments. Members choosing to sit in the gallery are kindly requested to use the roving microphone if they wish to speak. Non-members may attend for the public part of the meeting (Parts A and B of the agenda; not Part C) and should sit in the gallery.

2020 Academic Board meetings

Notice of meeting and attendance

The secretary distributes the agenda and papers by email to all members five business days prior to the meeting. Non-members are welcome to attend meetings, except when public-excluded items are discussed. All attendees are asked to sign an attendance register that is circulated at each meeting.

Contact the secretary at for more information.

If a dean, pro vice-chancellor, head of school, or student member is not able to attend a meeting, they should notify the secretary. The convenor may allow another member to attend in the absent member’s stead.

Special meetings

A special meeting of the Board may be called at any time by the University Council or the Vice-Chancellor/Convenor. A special meeting can also be requested by six members, who should write to the secretary outlining the matter to be discussed.

Agenda and papers

Any member of the University staff may apply to the secretary at to receive agendas and papers for the public section of any meeting of the Board.

Part A of the agenda is discussed. Part B items that require approval are automatically approved unless a member requests that an item be brought forward to Part A. Part C is the confidential, public-excluded part of the agenda. Part C agendas and papers are only made available to members.