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The Wellington ICT Graduate School is an initiative led by the University to help kick-start new careers in Wellington’s thriving tech industry.

With more than 16,000 ICT jobs in the region, Wellington is at the heart of ICT in New Zealand.
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The Wellington ICT Graduate School is a partnership between Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, Whitireia New Zealand, and Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec). The School aims to supply industry-ready talent in response to New Zealand's ICT boom.

Two of the three one-year (180-credit) Master's programmes offered by the School are open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in an area not related to information technology. All programmes have been designed with input from, and engagement with, the ICT industry. They give students a hands-on experience that equips them to join the tech industry.

The Wellington ICT Graduate School:

  • sets the standard for advanced ICT education in Wellington, ensuring an industry-driven and experiential education. Our graduates are ready to be future leaders in this sector.
  • creates a tech ecosystem that brings together staff, students, ICT firms, and start-ups. In this environment, we develop talent, ideas, and connections that fuel growth in the region and across New Zealand.
  • delivers academically rigorous education with a strong vocational emphasis. Every programme involves direct engagement with—and input from—the ICT industry.

Wellington is the ideal place to study ICT

Wellington has a creative and innovative environment, with a significant digital, film, and gaming industry and a strong start-up culture. While the ICT industry has been growing rapidly throughout New Zealand, nowhere has this growth been more pronounced than in Wellington.

With more than 16,000 ICT jobs in the Wellington region contributing significantly to the country's ICT-related GDP, Wellington is at the heart of ICT in New Zealand.

Master of Software Development

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Delivered by the School of Engineering and Computer Science

The Master of Software Development (MSwDev) will equip students from a range of backgrounds with an industry-focused qualification that prepares them to develop real-world software-based systems, including:

  • enterprise-, cloud-, and network-based systems
  • desktop and mobile applications
  • software for embedded systems based in microprocessors.

The programme is delivered through a combination of coursework and an in-work (industry placement) research and development project. Graduates will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for a career in the IT industry.

Master of Design Technology

Man in motion capture suit

Delivered by the School of Design Innovation

The Master of Design Technology (MDT) is a one-year, full-time professional Master’s degree that will provide students with the professional skills needed to work effectively in highly technical design professions such as game design, Visual Effects (VFX), exhibition design and multimedia design.

The MDT is technology-centric and builds upon the skills acquired in an undergraduate degree focused on digital technology. The MDT will be ideal for students holding a bachelor’s degree in design who are looking to up-skill with advanced techniques and high-tech professional practice.

Master of User Experience Design

Hand drawing prototype on whiteboard

Delivered by the School of Design Innovation

The Master of User Experience Design (MUXD) is a one-year, full-time Master's degree that addresses all aspects of user experience, from understanding the identity of the users to the creation of the designs they interact with to improve the overall experience of design.

The programme builds on the relevant skills students have developed during their professional careers and/or undergraduate university study, such as problem solving, critical thinking and verbal and written communication.


Lynda Turner – Director, Wellington ICT Graduate School

Phone: 027 432 2280

Aaron Muñoz – Industry Engagement Manager

Phone: 022 044 2747

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