Victoria University of Wellington is New Zealand’s globally ranked capital city university.

Victoria University of Wellington Vice-Chancellor, Professor Grant Guilford
Professor Grant Guilford, Vice-Chancellor

Our connections and influence—both here and overseas—are strengthened by this capital city status, providing opportunities for staff and students internationally, and helping us take New Zealand’s perspective to the world.

Through excellent teaching, research, scholarship, public service and entrepreneurship, we are committed to shaping New Zealand’s national identity and to fostering a better world. We are here to lead thinking on the major questions confronting New Zealanders.

Central to our mission is the cultivation of creative capital—the capacity of individuals and communities to imagine—to express new possibilities through creative activity. This is the genius behind art, music and writing. It is also the curiosity and insight that finds new solutions to complex social and environmental issues. It is the entrepreneurship that establishes new businesses. It is leadership, innovation and inspiration.

The quality of a university’s staff and students determines its success. At Victoria University of Wellington, our teachers are committed to developing the knowledge, competencies and personal attributes of their students, with an eye to their future. For students, the quality and the relevance of your experience here and the career opportunities that result will be second to none.

Welcome to Victoria University of Wellington.

Professor Grant Guilford